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Caesar Guerini Woodlander "Dove Special" Limited Edition - Pre-Order by July29th

Caesar Guerini has put together the Ultimate Dove Gun! A unique take on our classic Woodlander upland field model featuring a pair of doves engraved on the bottom of the receiver, an upgraded pistol grip stock with a rubber recoil pad, and a rounded fore-end for high-volume shooting. Also solid rib barrels in 28", 30", or 32" enabling the shooter to find the perfect balance for pass-shooting fast-flying doves. This is a limited production run model that is available for pre-order now.

MSRP - $4,650 (20ga or 28ga)
MSRP - $6,875 (20/28 Combo)
Left Hand or English Stock Options: MSRP $255


ORDERS END JULY 29, 2020 - 25% Deposit required

Specify: 20 Ga., 28 Ga., 20/28 Combo
Right or Left Hand
28", 30" 32" Barrels
Pistol Grip or English Stock
*Call and ask about Hero's Arms Caesar Guerini Promotional pricing for shooters affiliated with a club, the military or the NRA

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