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HA2275 SKB 90TSS Sporting, Right Hand, Parallel Adjustable Comb, Adjustable Butt Plate, 12 Ga., 2 3/4" & 3", 30"MC Bbls, NIB, $1,595

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Right Side Left Side
Right Forearm Left Forearm
The white diagonal lines across the neck of the stock and the barrel are monofilament fishing lines used to suspend the gun for photographs.
Right Stock (Comb Up, 15 1/2" LOP, Adjustable Butt Plate) Left Stock (Comb Down, 14 3/8" LOP)
Right Receiver Left Receiver
Under Receiver Under Forearm
Top of Stock (Showing Cast Off Bottom of Stock (Showing Toe Out)
Top Lever, Non-Automatic Safety/Firing Order Selector, Right Hand Palm Swell Flush SKB Competition choke, Glow Front Sight, Bead mid-sight
Center of Gravity  - Automatic Selective Ejectors, Jeweled Monobloc SKB Stock Adjustments

SKB Says:  Receiver: Sculpted Steel Boxlock action, matte finish with Bright Blue Highlights, Laser Engraved.  Barrel: Ventilated Rib Barrel with Target Sights, Lengthened Forcing Cones, Chrome lined Chambers and Bores, SKB Competition Choke Tube System, Jeweled Monobloc and Shell Ejector.  Action: Mechanical Trigger System Powered with Coil Springs, Manual Top Tang Safety, integral Barrel Selector.  Stock: Oil Finished Grade II Walnut, Choice of Right of Left Hand Cast, Adjustable Comb and Butt Plate, Pachmayr Butt Pad.

Hero's Arms Says:  This Right Handed  SKB 90TSS Sporting Parallel Comb over/under provides every adjustment a competitor could ask for, at a remarkably low price.  For example, the Length of Pull can be set to any length between 14 3/8" and 15 1/2" making it suitable for anyone 5' 4" to 6' 5", the butt plate can be raised or lowered, the toe in-out can be varied.  The comb can be raised or lowered to change the point of impact, and can be shifted left or right for be best sight picture. The parallel comb means that no matter where your head falls on the comb the sight picture will be the same, and recoil will move the gun back, not up into your cheek. It has a right handed palm swell, cast off stock, and comb adjustment holes on the right side. It comes with three SKB Competition chokes in Modified, Light Modified, and  Improved Cylinder, others are available from SKB and Briley.  At eight pounds 15 ounces with a Pachmayr Sporting recoil pad you can shoot clays all day with this 12 Gauge without recoil being an issue.  This is a remarkable buy.





Stock type:




Barrel(s)  I. D.


LOP:  Adj.

14 3/8" to 15 1/2"


90TSS Sporting RH

Bbl. length:


DAC: Adj.

1" to 1 1/2"




2 3/4" & 3"

DAM: Adj.

1 to 1 1/2"




Auto Eject

DAH: Adj.

1 1/2" Adj.


Blue/Oil Walnut



Cast: Off Right

1/8" + 1/4 L or R



Sight(s):  Ft/Mid


Butt Pad:

Pachmayr Sporting




Vent, .39"

Choke tool

Wrench, socks

Trigger type

SST Mechanical

O/A Length:

47 1/4" 48 1/2"

Condition %


Trigger pull

5 lbs 7 oz

Gun weight:

8 lbs 15 oz



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